About Us

At Med-ITware, our mission is to supply information technology solutions that meet the ever-changing information needs of health care professionals. Med-ITware is committed to achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction while providing clients with the best available tools to improve the financial performance of their medical practices. Offering a full spectrum of IT support to medical offices and clinics, Med-ITware sells hardware and software, performs training and installation services for practice management and electronic health record systems, and offers consulting in business process design for office workflow.

Authorized to market the Data Strategies elligenceTM practice management application, Med-ITware can deliver the leading-edge software that office managers and physicians require to provide the best possible care for their patients:

  • Easy-to-use electronic patient folder and appointment scheduling functions that make your front office staff more responsive to patients, both on the phone and in person.
  • Fully-integrated and highly-automated billing and form generation systems that will make in-house billing personnel more productive, or increase the efficiency of outsourced billing operations.
  • Robust electronic (EDI) interchange with insurance and clearinghouse payers to ensure that claims are paid quickly, with less effort and fewer write-offs.
  • Embedded coverage eligibility and claim transaction checker functions to eliminate the costly coding errors that usually delay payments to providers.
  • Powerful accounts receivable reporting and decision-making tools that make optimizing the financial health of any practice simple.
  • Seamless links to Microsoft WordTM and ExcelTM office tools.
  • Security and audit capabilities that enable office compliance with the strictest HIPAA information management requirements.
  • Easy linkage with a wide variety of HL7-based Electronic Medical Record applications.

The Med-ITware team can supply your office with the skills and tools necessary to transform your medical practice from paper-based processes to a fully-electronic practice management system, or we can upgrade your office from its currently-installed practice management application to a higher-performance environment based on elligence.

For more information about our services and the benefits you could expect to gain, call us today or email us at: info@meditware.com



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